Professor Paul Brennan

Paul Brennan received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley under the mentorship of Paul Bartlett working on synthetic methodology for combinatorial chemistry and synthesizing inhibitors for new anti-bacterial targets. 

Following three years of post-doctoral research with Steve Ley in Cambridge University on the total synthesis of rapamycin, Paul returned to California to take a position at Amgen.  His research was focused on designing and synthesizing kinase inhibitors for oncology.  After two years at Amgen, Paul accepted a position as Medicinal Chemistry Design Lead at the Pfizer research labs in Sandwich, UK.  Over the next six years Paul designed and synthesized compounds for most major drug classes: GPCR’s, CNS-targets, ion-channels and metabolic enzymes. 

Following the closure of the Pfizer site in Sandwich, Paul joined the SGC as the Principal Investigator for medicinal chemistry to discover chemical probes for epigenetic proteins. He was made full Professor in August 2018.


Professor Paul Brennan
Target Discovery Institute
NDM Research Building
Old Road Campus

Tel: 01865612900